lndia is one of the youngest Developing Nations of the world. To keep up with the international development “The Director General of Employment and Training (Government of lndia)” has decided to found 11,000 lndustrial Training lnstitutions All lndia in 126 trades.

The Trades offered by ZION TECHNICAL INSTITUTE are: (The courses are free of charge intended as social service).


  • Basic Courses (½ year) for youth 10 th. standard
  • Electrician course of 2 years duration (4 semesters):
    installations, maintaining and repairing electrical machinery equipment and fittings in factories, workshop powerhouse, business and residential premises etc.


  • Course of 2 years duration (4 semesters), for youth passed 10 th. standard
    Sizes metal parts, to close tolerances and fits and assembles them using hand tools for production and repairs of machines and other metal products, cuts and shapes required parts by processing of sawing, chipping, filing, grinding, drilling holes, screw cutting, scrapping etc.


  • Course of 1 year (2 semesters) for youth passed 10 th. standard.
  • Repairs, services and overhauls Diesel or oil engines for efficient performance as prime mover to drive machinery and equipment.
    Examines engines to locate defects, using various tools and instruments.
    Dismantles it to remove damaged or worn out parts and replaces or repair them etc.
    On successful completion of the course the candidate can either get employed or become a self-employed entrepreneur.


  • Course of 180 days (4 hrs. daily = 2 hrs. theory and 2 hrs. praxis)
    Content : DoS, MS. Office (Power point presentation, MS. Word, MS. Excel) qualification after successful completion of the course:
  • Course for 1 year (3 hrs daily – theorie and praxis)
    Content: Windows, Microsoft Office, Accounting Package, C – Programming, lnternet Concepts
    Qualification after successful completion of the course : Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (P.G.D.C.A.)


  • Operator Basic Sewing Sector GARMENTS and HAND EMBROIDERY
    Entry Qualification: 5 th standard (11 years plus)
    Duration: 520 hrs. (or 8 hrs. for 75 days)
    Content : Basic cutting and sewing operation, decorative handicrafts, embroidery at necklines, sleeve