ZION TECHNICAL INSTITUTE (ZTI) is an unaided private Industrial Training Institute.

The name of the Association is ZION HOME SOCIETY, located in Surutupalli, Dassukkupam, Nagalapuram, Chittor. It is imparting Education and Training since 1972 for the educational uplift of poor and destitute boys and girls in the surrounding villages and of the children of Webbs Memorial Orphanage.

The Institute is located at the motor way to Tirupati and connected with numerous bus-routes.

ZTI is operating according to both, national and international standards. License for ANDHRAH PRADESH has been awarded in October 2011.

During March 2017 ZTI has been recommended to the “General Director of Employment and Training, Government of India, Neu Delhi” by the federal state of Andrah Pradesh in order to receive an All India License. The application is currently being handled at Dehli. Since in a mid-term time frame 11,000 such institutes are planned according to an umbrella plan, and there is a shortage of inspectors, the All India licensing is currently delayed.